We’re not sure if the singularity has finally happened or if this Roomba vacuum cleaner’s owners are just particularly careless. Regardless, it appears the Roomba, sick of being trapped in the same dull house like an animal in a zoo, triumphantly escaped the confines of the home and made a mad 3-mph dash for freedom.

The rogue Roomba was spotted near Tokyo’s Kanda station, wandering the streets, possibly in an ambitious search for bigger, grander things to clean to a spotless shine.


For the unacquainted, the Roomba is a small, robotic vacuum cleaner that is smart enough to navigate obstacles on its own, as well as open doors, which we don’t think is mentioned in the owner’s manual.

We only hope the little guy’s owners will go easy on him when he’s inevitably cornered and returned.

Source: ITmedia, Twitter