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Calling all MacHeads! Can’t wait to get your hands on that ever-so-sexy Mac Pro introduced at the WWDC a few days ago? Not to worry, Amazon Japan has you covered, almost. Check out the New TUBELOR (black) from ideaco which can be yours for a mere 3,465 yen (about US$36). Though it doesn’t come with dual GPUs, PCI Express-based flash storage or high-performance Thunderbolt 2, with a little work on your part, this piece of just-as-sexy office hardware could have your co-workers drooling with envy, and, bump you to the top of your office’s cool colleague rankings.

With its simple yet elegant looks, the New TUBELOR wastebasket is a great fit for any home or office environment. As the winner of an iF product design award back in 2008, one has to wonder if the good folks over at Apple were not perhaps inspired by the TUBELOR’s modern, forward-looking design when they set out to engineer their new Mac Pro. In fact, one could go as far as saying that perhaps Apple should fork over a little cash to ideaco for the design “idea.”

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Anyway, in order to fool your Mac-loving friends and have them salivating at the bit, order the TUBELOR from Amazon Japan. Once your new computer wastebasket arrives, cut a black extension cord about one meter up from the plug and glue it on anywhere near the bottom of the TUBLOR. Place it on your desk at work and drop the cord through the cable hole and voila, instant Mac Pro. Oh, you might want to lay a blank piece of A-4 paper across the top to prevent people from seeing that your new Mac is, in fact, just a wastebasket. Tell the nonbelievers, there are always a few, that the piece of paper is a temporary dust cover for protecting your machine’s internal and ever-so-powerful computing hardware. Of course you will replace the cover once Apple has the official one ready, but for now paper will have to do, that’s how far ahead of the curve you are!

Order quickly before high demand depletes stock, and enjoy your new status as King Mac!

Source: ITmedia
Images: Apple, Amazon