Uniqlo has teamed up with McDonald’s for a special T-shirt which will get you a discounted Big Mac whenever you’re wearing it!

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Big Mac, McDonald’s has teamed up with Uniqlo for a range of graphic tees which will also function as a 100 yen (US$0.93) discount coupon for the wearer if they order a medium Big Mac meal at McDonald’s for a limited time.

The range consists of four designs in six variations, and comes in (men’s) size XS to 4L. They are due to become available from April 23 in Uniqlo stores across Japan as well as via online shopping.

This design is also available in black.

This design is also available in white.

And there are two other designs rounding out the collection.

The Big Mac discount campaign runs from April 23 to June 5, and if you enter any McDonald’s branch in Japan wearing one of the T-shirts and order a medium Big Mac meal, you’ll get 100 yen off your order.

We did the math, and each shirt costs 1,500 yen and a regular-price medium Big Mac meal costs 690 yen, which means with a saving of 100 yen per burger you’ll have to visit McDonald’s around 15 times in under two months to recoup the cost of the shirt, spending 8,850 yen on burger orders, for a net loss of 7,350 yen. But hey, at least you get a cool shirt! Hmm, we wonder what happens if you walk in wearing several of the T-shirts at one time, peeling each one off layer by layer in front of impressed (or possibly terrified) staff and other fast food patrons?

Source: Uniqlo via Livedoor
Featured Image: PAKUTASO
Insert images: Uniqlo