New burger comes with a special cola designed to complement mac ‘n’ cheese. 

When foreign fast food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King start teaming up with temples and manga greats for tantalising new releases, home-grown chains like Mos Burger are forced to up their game as well.

Second only to the Golden Arches in popularity, Mos Burger really does know how to slay the competition though, and they’re doing that right now with the announcement that they’ll be releasing a new burger containing a western favourite: mac and cheese.

▼ The promotional poster for the new menu item comes with the tagline, “A cheese dish 88 percent of Japanese still don’t know about“.

It’s true that mac and cheese–aka mac ‘n’ cheese in the U.S. or macaroni cheese in the U.K.–is a dish that’s yet to become commonly known in Japan. However, Mos Burger is aiming to change all that by easing diners into the world of cheesy pasta deliciousness with the help of a local favourite, the croquette.

The new burger, called the “Mac ‘n’ Cheese & Croquette” combines both western-born dishes together between two buns for a decadent feast. Starting from the bottom, there’ll be a serving of lettuce leaves for freshness, then a creamy potato croquette, followed by a dollop of Mos Burger’s meat sauce, a generous spoonful of mac and cheese, and a dash of wholegrain mustard to finish it off.

To make the burger even more delicious, Mos Burger has designed a special “Navel Cola” to pair with it. Made with cola syrup, unshu mikan (satsuma mandarin), and lemons and navel oranges from Japan’s Setouchi region, an area famed for citrus production, the drink doesn’t just use the juice of the fruits but their pulp as well.

▼ The pulpy, fruity cola has been designed to pair perfectly with the Mac ‘n’ Cheese, helping to cut through the rich flavours.

The cola will be sold in small, medium and large sizes for 213 yen (US$2.04), 269 yen and 334 yen, while the burger will be priced at 436 yen. Like all good things, these new items will only be available for a limited time, at Mos Burger stores nationwide from 10 February until the end of March.

And if you’re looking for another unusual limited-time Mos Burger offering, don’t forget their Dassai amazake milkshakes are still on the menu until early February!

Source, images: Mos Burger Japan
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