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New sandwich is part beefy indulgence, part sandwich-based challenge.

Every now and then, no matter how happy you are in your present life, it’s natural for the mind to drift back and reminisce on a few precious memories. Maybe you recall a lazy summer vacation afternoon spent hanging out with your schoolmate friends, somehow talking about everything and nothing all at once, or walking your dog at a time when you were still so young the world never seemed any bigger than a child, the family pet, and the bond they shared.

Or, if you’re like us, you find yourself with a wistful smile as you fondly recall eating a McDonald’s Mega Mac.

McDonald’s Japan has made the gigantic sandwich available just frequently enough to always have us waiting anxiously for its return, with often a gap of a year or more between its appearances. This time, though, McDonald’s is giving us two new options in extra-large dining, with the first being the brand new Grand Big Mac.

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Priced at 520 yen (US$4.60), the two-patty Grand Big Mac has the usual Big Mac fixings of lettuce, cheese, pickles, and special sauce. It has a lot more meat, though, with McDonald’s turmpeting the fact that it packs more than 30 percent more meat than an ordinary Big Mac.

And if you want even more meat? Then there’s the Giga Big Mac.

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You may feel a twinge of disappointment to learn that the Giga Big Mac is not, in fact, the size of one billion Big Macs (this is a common misconception among scholars, as many fail to realize that burgers and computer data do not conform to identical measurement standards). Still, rest assured that the Giga Big Mac should be extremely filling, as it boasts more than 2.8 times as much meat as the comparatively puny “Big” Mac (and just to be clear, no, this is not an April Fool’s Day joke). McDonald’s describes it as a great choice for diners looking for “a satisfied sense of accomplishment.”

And because giant sandwiches call for giant side orders, McDonald’s will also be rolling out “grand-size” soft drinks and French fries, both of which are larger than their large-size counterparts.

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The new lineup goes on sale April 6. Like many of Japan’s crazier menu items, they’ll only be around for a limited time, making their exit in late April. Oh, and the number of Giga Big Macs served at each location per day will also be limited to some unspecified quantity, presumably to keep the restaurants from running out of beef.

Source: McDonald’s Japan
Images: McDonald’s Japan (edited by RocketNews24)