Like peanut butter and jelly, some things are so good together you can’t imagine a time without them. Well, this isn’t quite the same… but it is incredibly delicious.

Peeping Life, the insanely funny anime that illustrates the “boring” lives of of everyday people, has collaborated with some of the most influential figures in the anime world—Tezuka Productions and Tatsunoko Productions! Not only that, but the videos are available FREE on YouTube.

In the uploaded video “Weapon of the Week”, Yatterman and Boyakki carry on in the sort of lacksidasical way that Peeping Life is known for. Then, out of nowhere, we find out that the weapon of the week is none other than Astro Boy! But he looks kind of like a cheap knock off. We couldn’t help wondering, between bouts of giggling, how Peeping Life got away with this lampooning!

But that’s nothing yet. Just wait until you see how completely out of control Astro Boy is! It’s so funny that it almost makes you nervous watching it. “Surely this can’t be legal?” we cackled.

Japanese Internet users had this to say about the video:

“This collaboration was ordained by god! (;_;)”
“Yatterman and Boyakki are amazing!!”
“Astro boy is so coooooool! LOL!”
“These certainly are surprising and shocking mechs!”
“Astro Boy’s face. LOLwut?”
“Astro Boy’s, pose was perfect!”
“This series is hilarious! I wanna see more!”

In the ending credits, you can see popular characters from Tezuka Productions and Tatsunoko Productions dancing, but their faces look kind of creepy and their movements are incredibly strange. In particular, The Three-Eyed One looks completely out of place.

Every week, a new video in the series is being uploaded to YouTube, and it seems that Ambassador Magma will appear in the video for the third week of June. We can’t really imagine what this “loose” Ambassador Magma will be like.

Some popular videos from previously compiled DVDs—including “Silly Couple Going Out” and “Dance Party Coincidence”—are also available, so if you haven’t seen them yet, be sure to check them out!

“Weapon of the Week”

“Silly Couple Going Out”

“Dance Party Coincidence”

“World History Part 09”

“The Case of RAYU-Chan (Ms. Chili Oil)”

“The Case of Yawaragi-Chan (Ms. Yawaragi)”

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