Humor, generally, is very subjective. Even when everyone’s speaking the same language, local cultural differences can have a massive impact on how jokes are received. Attempting to bridge these divides can be both difficult and frustrating. Not to mention dangerous if you happen to offend the wrong crowd.

All of which makes it even more impressive when someone does manage to leap over the gap with aplomb.

Like Gamarjobat, a Japanese comedy duo who have successfully taken their show on the road around the world. While Japan has no shortage of delightful comedians, most of them work in manzai (two person standup), rakugo (traditional one-person storytelling), or as tarento (“talent,” basically talkative guests) on variety shows. It’s quite rare to see Japanese comedians appearing in Western media.

So how has Gamarjobat managed to get over the significant linguistic divide to reach and entertain international audiences?

Simple! They sidestep the whole problem by sticking to pantomiming!


Now, you probably thinking of white-faced street mimes trapped in invisible boxes silently annoying pedestrians. But that’s entirely the wrong image for this stylish pair.

Dressed in shiny black suits with colorful mohawks, these guys would be “cool” by anyone’s standards. But don’t let that ultra-classy exterior fool you—these guys know how to have a good time! Almost like a real-life cartoon, the group uses “magic,” gestures, and impressive physical comedy to get their audiences laughing.


After a chance meeting, Kecchi (red mohawk) and HIRO-PON (yellow mohawk) formed the group in 1999, taking their name from the Georgian word for “hello!” They have traveled to over 30 different countries and performed at over 200 different festivals. The whole time letting out little more than well-timed grunts.

In 2010, they even started the Gamarjobat Project, a silent theater group, seeking performers from both within Japan and from overseas.

Okay, enough from us, you have to check out some of their performances!

And one more!

The performers will be embarking on a Japan-wide tour starting this September, so if you like what you just saw, you’ll have a chance to catch them live this year. Click here to buy tickets. (Sorry, Japanese language only.)

And for those of you living overseas, you might be in luck! Gamarjobat will be performing this summer in Brazil, at the Komedia in Brighton, England, and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.

I, for one, am hoping that RocketNews24 will require some follow-up reporting. Maybe a first-hand account of their delightful show? Come on, boss, I’ll bring you back a poster!

Source: Karapaia,  Gamarjobat Official Blog