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With so many hamburger chains in Japan, each has to find a way to differentiate itself from the others. For example, MOS Burger prides itself on its high quality ingredients, and Freshness Burger tells diners right up front where its priorities lie.

With Lotteria, there are two things we’ve come to expect; multiple patty sandwiches, like the nine-layer Evangelion Q burger, and unconventional ingredient pairings, as seen in the chain’s ramen burger. But Lotteria’s newest offering combines both of the restaurant’s signature sales points.

That’s not to say Lotteria’s menu is all over-top-top craziness. Two of its most popular items are the deep-fried shrimp burger, which has been a hit since it first appeared in 1977, and the zeppin (lit. “unique/absolute”) cheese burger, which comes slathered with Gouda and red cheddar cheese.

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With June being the rainiest month in Japan, the fun part of summer is all too short. Perhaps looking to help its customers cram as much enjoyment into the season as possible, from July 4 Lotteria will offer a way to eat both of shrimp burger and zeppin cheeseburger at the same time by combining the two into the 500 yen (US$5.15) Shrimp Zeppin Twin Burger.

Of course, for Lotteria a simple double-decker burger hardly seems special, so the chain decided to go in a different direction, literally.

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Like a mysterious and alluring stranger you meet by chance on sun-drenched beach, the Twin Burger is just a little bit exotic, with a slender slice of supple French bread in place of a regular bun. Sadly, in another, more bittersweet similarity to a midsummer love affair, these two patties won’t stay by each other’s sides forever, as the Twin Burger will be available only until July 31.

Sources: Hachima Kikou, Woman Excite
Top image: Gigazine
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