Four brand new sandwiches with an egg and one of two tasty new sauces? Sign us up!

As we transition from summer to fall and August turns to September, we begin to enter the season of moon-viewing, called “tsukimi” in Japanese. So called because September is the best time of year for moon viewing, with clear skies, mild nights, and (traditionally) the harvest being over, moon-viewing season is often celebrated by businesses with images of the moon.

Of course, for restaurants that means using lots of sunny-side up eggs–because what could be a more perfect edible representation of a full moon? As such, fried eggs are added to dishes, including, for example, fast-food chain Lotteria’s four brand new, limited-time-only tsukimi sandwiches.

Three of them are dressed with a Japanese-style ginger soy sauce, which has a fragrant aroma and a faint hint of spice to it. The ginger used in the sauce is domestically grown, and two different soy sauces, a rich tamari soy sauce and regular dark soy sauce, were combined with the mild sweetness of brown sugar and oyster sauce, the secret ingredient, to make a tasty, special Japanese-style sauce with a punch.

It’ll be used on the Sunny-side-up Tsukimi Japanese-style Exquisite Cheeseburger (Hanjuku Tsukimi Wafuu Zeppin Cheese Burger) (570 yen [US$3.90] or 1,010 yen for a set). This sandwich also comes with a burger patty eight millimeters (1/3 inch) thick, seasoned simply with salt, pepper, and oregano, topped with Gouda, cheddar cheese, a sunny-side up fried egg, and, finally, the special Japanese-style Ginger Soy Sauce.

The Sunny-side-up Tsukimi Japanese-style Shrimp Burger (Hanjuku Tsukimi Wafuu Ebi Burger) (550 yen on its own or 990 yen for a set) also comes with the original ginger soy sauce, but instead of a burger patty, its main attraction is a thick and crispy deep friend shrimp patty, made with plump whole shrimp. It also has an egg and Lotteria’s original, hand-mixed tartar sauce, as well as shredded cabbage for some extra crunch.

The last sandwich to use the original ginger soy sauce will allow you to enjoy the simple pleasure of a Japanese-style hamburger. The Sunny-side-up Tsukimi Japanese-style Teriyaki Burger (Hanjuku Tsukimi Wafuu Teriyaki Burger) (490 yen on its own or 930 yen for a set) is a classic hamburger simply dressed with the special sauce, a sunny-side-up egg, lettuce, mayonnaise, and mustard, so you can really appreciate the sweet, salty, and spicy sauce.

But wait, there’s more! There’s a fourth Tsukimi burger coming, and unlike its fellows, it’s dressed with Sriracha sauce to give it a spicy kick. The Sunny-side-up Tsukimi Spicy Umami Exquisite Cheese Burger (Hanjuku Tsukimi Wafuu Umakara Zeppin Cheese Burger) (590 yen on its own or 1,030 yen for a set) may be different from the other three, but that doesn’t mean it deserves any less appreciation. Like the Japanese-style Exquisite Cheese Burger, it comes with both Gouda and cheddar cheese, as well as a sunny-side-up egg, all sandwiched in a soft, fluffy bun and dressed with one of the world’s most beloved hot sauces, Sriracha.

All four burgers will be available at Lotteria branches around the country starting on September 7 until the middle of October, so definitely pop by a branch if you want to try them. And for more Tsukimi fare, check out KFC’s Tsukimi sandwiches, plus their two surprise debuts this year!

Source: Press Release, Lotteria
Images: Press Release, Lotteria

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