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You can probably describe about 90 percent of fast food with some combination of the words “convenient,” “greasy,” and “delicious.” In the case of Japanese hamburger chain Lotteria, though, you’ll want to make an addition to your vocabulary list: “crazy.”

Oh, sorry, looks like a typo slipped through. That should actually be “crazy!!!”

Lotteria is sort of the playground daredevil of the Japanese fast food scene. On just about any given day, you’ll find at least one item on the menu that seems to have been created not so much because it’s a good idea, but so that the restaurant can say, “Hey guys! Look at what I can do!” Every now and again, though, Lotteria gets its batch of crazy sauce just right, which is why it’s bringing back the awe-inspiring Burger with Everything on It.

As part of a tie-up with Yahoo! Japan, earlier this year Lotteria asked fans which of six discontinued sandwiches they’d like to see make a comeback. While the overall winner was the five-patty Zeppin Tower Cheeseburger, the runner-up, which has also returned to Lotteria branches across Japan, is arguably even more decadent.

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The Burger with Everything on It (zenbunose burger in Japanese) is both a dietician’s and linguist’s nightmare, as it manages to somehow be simultaneously enticing and intimidating. It’s also a fever dream come to life, though, for big or indecisive eaters.

Starting life as an ordinary Lotteria burger with a beef patty, mayo, and meat sauce, the restaurant’s chefs/structural engineers next stack on a patty with rib sauce, another with cheese, and a fried shrimp patty. Next comes spicy mayonnaise, tartar sauce, teriyaki sauce, sliced cheese, and, just in case things weren’t gooey enough for you already, a soft-boiled egg. Vegetables are represented by lettuce, cabbage, and pickles.

And there’s a strip of bacon, too. Of course.

▼ Although with all the other ingredients covering it, it sort of looks like the burger is smiling and showing its dimples.

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All of this balloons the sandwich’s cost to 1,230 yen (US$10.30), but when you figure that it’s really at least four sandwiches in one, it starts to seem like a sensible choice, at least economically. The Burger with Everything on It made its triumphant return on April 27, but will only be here for a limited time, so clear out your schedule for a trip to Lotteria, and what’s sure to be a long food-coma-induced post-meal nap, right away.

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