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This Monday marked the return of the gigantic, five-patty Tower Cheeseburger to fast food chain Lotteria. Unfortunately, it was only back for a day, but hey, we figured this limited availability was actually a blessing in disguise. After all, you feel a lot less guilty eating that much meat in a single sitting when you know it’s the sort of rare opportunity you won’t have the chance to make a habit of.

But with just one day to get their Tower Cheeseburgers, no doubt a lot of fans weren’t able to clear out their schedules for a run to their local Lotteria. We’re guessing the blow was softened a bit, though, when they saw that the reality of their burger dream didn’t look anywhere near as mouth-watering as it did in Lotteria’s ads.

To review, here’s the picture the chain was tempting us with on its website.

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Just look at that. Five perfectly cooked patties, all covered with just the right amount of cheese. The Tower Cheeseburger’s ramrod straight posture looks like it’s the result of a team of highly skilled civil engineers, and the buns appear so shapely and firm they may as well be those of a fitness model.

But just like celebrities look better in promotional photos than street side paparazzi snapshots, Twitter user Beytate found that his Tower Cheeseburger didn’t look as attractive in real life.

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“I figured this would happen,” Tweeted Beytate, but others online weren’t quite so resigned.

“You should complain, and ask them to make you one that looks exactly like the ad.”
“That is messed up.”
“It’s all squashed!”
“Is that some kind of hamburger monster?”
“The Tower Cheeseburger is falling down!”
“It’s melting.”

When the menu consists of something as indulgent as a five-story structure of meat and cheese, though, not everyone is so concerned about precise presentation. “It looks delicious,” commented one unfazed Beytate follower. Beytate himself didn’t do anything to correct that assumption, either, so we’re guessing that aesthetics aside, the Tower Cheeseburger was a satisfying (and huge) dining experience.

It just goes to show you, looks aren’t always the most important thing. Real beauty is inner beauty, and you can’t get much more inner than your stomach.

Source: Hamster Sokuho
Top image: Twitter
Insert images: Lotteria, Twitter