While the Internet may run on cats, they’re certainly not the only cute creatures on the planet. (We’ll leave it up to you to decide if they’re the cutest or not…)

One of the underdog challengers to the Internet Cuteness Throne is the otter.

And this otter, named Piisu-kun, is bringing more than cuteness—he’s helpful, too!!

Residing at Tsukumi Dolphin Island in Oita Prefecture, Piisu-kun is an Asian small-clawed otter with a trick up his sleeve. (In his whiskers? We’re not sure where otters keep their tricks.) When you buy a drink from the vending machine, he’ll get it for you!

And if you think that sounds like quite possibly the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, well, you’re probably right!

After nearly leaping into the machine with the enthusiasm of a sugar-fueled child diving for presents on Christmas morning, the little guy digs the drink out for the thirsty customer. Then, gripping it tightly to his chest, he waddles back and presents it with a dead serious (and adorable) expression.

Japanese Netizens had this to say:

It’s cute, yes, but it doesn’t seem very hygienic…

Why does he check the change slot first??

That’s a level of cuteness lethal to humans.

That guy seems like he just keeps pounding coins into the machine!

It’s not enough that he’s just cute—that bird-like cry is just too much!!

His hands and nose and voice and nose are just too cuuuuuute!

It really made us wish we had an otter here at the office to help out with our daily fetching chores. He could dash around the office getting pens, paper, and bottles of ice to slap across our foreheads! Think of how much more productive we’d be!

We mentioned it to the boss, but he just shook his head and pointed out that we’d just spend all day gasping and sighing, “Kawaiiiiiiiiii!” He’s probably not wrong.

If you happen to find yourself in Oita Prefecture, be sure to stop by Tsukumi Dolphin Island, where you can swim with dolphins and meet lot of other adorable aquatic creatures!

Source: Kotaro