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With cherry blossom season over in Tokyo, the weather here is definitely turning warm and pleasant (at least for a little while, until the rainy season starts and then the hot and humid summer). Women across Japan are eagerly shedding their coats to enjoy colorful, spring fashion, and to our delight, one of our reporters at Pouch has found the purr-fect item to combine fashion and fun — “cat tights”!

Cat-themed tights aren’t exactly a new innovation, but these cat tights are designed so adorably, Japanese women are going all gaga over them on the Internet.

And you may well understand the reason for the women’s response, if you take a look at the cleverly designed tights. The front side of the tights features just the face of the cat and the back shows the cat’s tail. Now, how cute is that? If you wore a pair of long boots with these tights, it could even look like the cat is peeking from out of the boot!

cat tights 1

cat tights 2

No wonder women have responded favorably, posting comments like:

“Oh, this is simply too cute!!!
“Cat tights — adorable!”
“Oh my gosh, what is this? This is sooo cute!!!”
“Now, all you need are cute shoes and cute socks, and you’re perfectly set!”
“I already have the tights with rabbits! I want the cat ones too!”
“I would definitely have bought these if I were 10 years younger.”

Yes, women seem to have fallen in love with these tights, all right. But at least one Internet user has offered words of caution, saying, “Everyone seems to be tweeting how cute these cat tights are, but we’ve only seen them worn by models … it might not look the same if we average girls wore the tights. What if the cat’s face gets stretched and distorted?” Hmm, a disturbing thought, but maybe she has a point.

The cat tights are available through the online fashion site RyuRyu for 350yen ($3.50) a pair. Not a bad deal, and it looks like there are currently five other designs available besides the cat version. Regardless of whether you’re a cat person or not, this item is guaranteed to add a little spice and fun to your spring fashion wardrobe!

Original Article by: Usagi Yumeno
Source and all photos: RyuRyu (Japanese)
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