A few days ago, tech news site CNET got hold of some new info about Sony’s next-generation smart watches. The expected upgrades to the nifty gadget include a bigger display, and added compatibility so that it’s easier for your watch to talk to your phone. Read on for more details!

Sony’s current line of smart watches is the SmartWatchMN2 which feature a 1.3 inch OLED touch-screen display and utilize the Android operating system. The interface is very sleek, with crisp, bright numbers when displaying the time, and bold icons to access the various features. You can match your watch to your mood with different colored straps, or just stick with the standard suave black if you want to feel a bit James Bond.

▼ What time is it? I have a smart watch and you ask me what time it is!?


According to the leaked info, the new versions will feature a bigger screen, as well as having basic waterproofing and the addition of near field communication (NFC) functions making easy one-touch pairing with your mobile phone possible.

Many of Sony’s products, such as the XPERIA smartphone, come equipped with NFC for increased compatibility, and as smart watches are designed to be paired with your smartphone it’s no real surprise that this latest version will have NFC capabilities. In fact, we’d wonder what Sony was doing if they didn’t include them!

Smart watches are a relatively new but fast-growing form of gadgetry. We’ve already heard about Apple’s iWatch, and there are rumors of many other companies planning to forge a path in this new market. But at the moment it seems like Sony is taking the lead and really building upon their existing knowledge of smart technology.

Sony are set to display their newest smart watches at the Mobile Asia Expo being held in Shanghai from June 26 to 28, but you can check out the current model below. There’s been no word on any changes to the aesthetic, but I think the watch looks snazzy enough as it is!




Source: GGSoku via CNET
Images: Sony