If there’s something strange in your neighborhood of Ginza, who you gonna call?

Ah Ghostbusters… It was the first movie I ever saw in the theaters at the tender age of five. I use the term “saw” loosely, however, since I spent the entire hour and 38 minutes after that librarian scene looking down into my popcorn.

Still, it was an instant classic and is now celebrating its 35th anniversary which distributor Sony Pictures Entertainment is honoring in a series of events at Ginza Sony Park in Tokyo titled: Ghostbusters in the Park.

While that might sound like a live stage-version of the movie performed out in the open, it’s actually a range of interactive exhibits on display in Ginza Sony Park, an underground complex on the site of the former Sony Building in Ginza, Tokyo.

The highlight of Ghostbusters in the Park has got to be the Ghostbusters Rookie Training. In this attraction guests don jumpsuits and AR goggles to hunt down ghosts hiding all over the area and trap them.

The video seems to imply that players can use PKE Meters and Traps, but rather than Proton Packs, they seem to shoot proton beams from their hands. While purists may balk at that, you got to admit that shooting energy beams out of your hands is never a bad time.

Proton Pack fans needn’t worry though, as actual packs used in the 2016 Ghostbusters film will be on display, along with other props.

Also of interest to movie trivia fans in general is the Sony Pictures Correlation Chart which links roughly 90 well-known Sony movies with the original Ghostbusters by various keywords such as “four-man team” or “New York” in an open-room environment. Each station has a monitor showing a scene from the movie it represents.

Visitors can also expand on their experience by picking up a Ghostbusters Ginza Magical Tour map at Ginza Sony Park. These free maps contain Ghostbusters facts while guiding you around various places in Tokyo’s swanky Ginza district such as mystery spots, occult shops, and places where you can buy Halloween candy.

All this and more is free for anyone to enjoy. However, due to its nature, the Ghostbusters Rookie Training is only open to a limited number of people, chosen in advance by lottery. Applications are accepted in stages until 24 November, and it is important to note that the application process, as well as the adventure itself, are all done in Japanese with no other language assistance.

▼ The training is conducted by a staff member who will only speak in Japanese, and following instructions is important to fully enjoy the experience

Still, even without the feel-good bustin’ of training, there’s still a whole lot to do at Ghostbusters in the Park, making it well worth a visit for any Ghostbusters fan and a bit of redemption for Sony after breaking our hearts with their fake Proton Pack ad a few years back.

Event information
Ghostbusters in the Park
Ginza Sony Park / 銀座ソニーパーク
Address: Tokyo-to, Chuo-ku, Ginza 5-3-1
Hours: 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.
12 October – 8 December
Admission: Free
Rookie Training application periods listed here, actual application is only in Japanese

Source: Ginza Sony Park, PR Times, Tabi Labo
Featured image: YouTube/Sony (Japan)
Insert images: PR Times 1, 2
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