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If your PlayStation 4 packaging is a little plain, then it’s time to head to Taiwan where they have special art gracing the boxes of their PS4s!

In Japan, Europe or North America, the only time you might get some extra art on your box for a brand new PS4 is if you bought a special edition bundle. Even if the console itself is the normal version, you will probably still see a few additional pictures showing all the cool stuff you are getting, but it won’t be awesome or exclusive art.

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In Taiwan, however, each season comes with a change in box art for the PS4, and the winter packaging is making a lot of Japanese PS4 consumers a little jealous.

These awesome PS4 boxes feature art by Taiwanese artist VOFAN.  The limited edition winter bundles come in two flavors, with either a black or a white PS4. The black PS4 is bundled with Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and VOFAN’s accompanying art is, fittingly, of a character ready to raid some tombs. The white PS4 comes bundled with The Witcher III and the box is emblazoned with a sitting witch.

VOFAN is a popular artist whose drawings you may recognize from the Chinese covers of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu. If you like his work, you should definitely check out his Facebook page where you can see a lot more!

This isn’t the first time he’s drawn the box art for the PS4; VOFAN has also produced artwork for some limited edition summer boxes that were big hits.

It should be noted that his summer PS4s didn’t come bundled with any games at all — they were just the standard console and controller package. But, they were so popular VOFAN was asked to create these amazing images for their limited run of winter bundles. Judging by the “box envy” online, some people wish they were in Taiwan right now. And we can’t blame them!

Source: Kinisoku
Top Image: Facebook/VOFAN (1, 2)