According to a recent Twitter post, a train on the JR Oji line came to an emergency stop after a single French fry broke through a window. The topic has become the subject of great debate online, with many speculating as to how a mere strip of potato could have penetrated solid glass.

Taking a glance at the picture below, it clearly looks like the fractured glass has been caused by the impact from a flying French fry. Some are saying that the phenomenon occurred as a result of the tip of the fry naturally hardening with time and therefore becoming sharp enough to penetrate the glass when thrown. But let’s say that even if the fry were to become hard enough to pierce the glass, surely it would require great speed and force to make an impact this large?

Some of the reactions from Twitter users were as follows:

“What the heck happened here?”

“ It might just be possible if you got the speed right.”


“The potato has clearly pierced the glass.”


“Must have been some potato!”

“Amazing! A flying potato!”

However, there the fun ends, sadly. After stumbling upon another Twitter post, it became clear that the incident was in fact no more than a prank by someone going by the name Sanro. Sanro’s friend comments on how this bit of fun created havoc among the passengers around them:

“Sanro stuck the fry on the spot where the glass fractured, which caused quite a reaction. One woman was on the phone to someone exclaiming, ‘A French fry has struck the train’s window. The driver had to put on the emergency brakes.’ When I heard this, I just couldn’t stop laughing.”

There you have it. It looks like it was a little far-fetched to have actually happened after all. But wouldn’t it have been amazing if it were real?

Source: Byoukan Sunday