french fries and chocolate sauce

We all know that there are few combinations that are better than dipping your french fries in a vanilla shake. The hot, salty fries mixed with cold, sweet ice cream…it’s a match made in cheeseburger paradise. But fries and chocolate? Japanese fast food chain, Lotteria, is betting you’ll make the jump from shakes to chocolate syrup with their new menu item. We knew we had to send Mr. Sato out to give this crazy combo a try.

The sauce that accompanies these fries is made with Ghana milk chocolate, a popular brand of chocolate in Japan, and are a part of the side menu aimed at Valentine’s Day season. Imagining the same simple pleasure of fries and a vanilla shake, Mr. Sato ventured to Lotteria.

Right now, Lotteria is running a special where patrons can purchase a medium or large order of chocolatey fries for the same price of 350 yen (US$3.39). Excited by the good deal, Mr. Sato ordered a large at once and laid his bounty on the nearest table.

french fries and chocolate sauce1

The chocolate and fries come separately, so there was a bit of assembly required before he could dig in. Mr. Sato took the first logical step and emptied the contents of the sauce packet into the included cup.

french fries and chocolate sauce2

▼ It looks like a little chocolate pie!french fries and chocolate sauce3

Next, he dipped a single fry into the brown goo. What was it going to taste like?

french fries and chocolate sauce4

Mr. Sato first inspected the wild mix of flavors. It looked perfectly edible and possibly delicious. As he grasped the potato between his fingers, the chocolate began to melt and started to drip down the length of the fry. It almost looked like fondue and Mr. Sato just couldn’t wait any longer to give it a try.

With much anticipation, he gave his first chocolate-covered fry a taste.

french fries and chocolate sauce5

It didn’t taste like chocolate at all! Mr. Sato was expecting a rich chocolatey flavor, but sadly there was barely a hint. It was also only slightly sweet, which didn’t support the saltiness of the fries. The only flavor Mr. Sato could distinctly taste was that of the mizuame (starch syrup) Lotteria used as a base for the chocolate sauce. It was almost as if you were dunking fries in pure starch syrup. Where was the chocolate?!

In the past, Lotteria has come up with some wonderfully strange creations such as a ramen burger with patties made of noodles instead of meat. But this Ghana chocolate collaboration fell short. Mr. Sato thought that fries dipped in chocolate was a great idea, he just wished the execution was better. Give us more chocolate!!!

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