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At 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, August 4, Northeastern Japan started to shake. On the Japanese shindo scale, the quake measured between 3 and 4 (overhead lights sway and objects rattle, but some people who are on the move may not notice it) in most areas, a ‘low-5’ at its strongest. Thankfully, there are thought to have been no casualties as the tremor was relatively short-lived, and with the quake of March 2011 and weeks of resulting aftershocks having been far stronger, the people of Tohoku are now fairly hardened when it comes to smaller rumbles.

Curiously though, no sooner had the earthquake passed than a few jokesters began sharing the above image from the Japan Meteorological Agency, along with messages of “LOL” and ‘Why do I suddenly feel like I want to go to Northeastern Japan?”

Showing the strength of the earthquake in a number of areas via a colour-coded chart, the map is intended to let people know exactly which areas were most seriously affected. What made people chuckle, though, was the pattern that the highlighted areas made, with many saying that they formed “a girl in a bikini.”

▼ Are you seeing this?

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With blue hair akin to that of an anime princess and an orange bikini, this “earthquake girl” as many are calling it brought a little light relief to those whom yesterday’s tremors may have left a little shaken (no pun intended). We’re not entirely sure that we can agree that she’s “sexy”, but there’s no denying that those legs, with their slightly turned-in feet, look remarkably like those of a stereotypical Shibuya kogal high schooler wearing a pair of those big, flared socks.

Stay safe, boys and girls!

Source: Himajin Sokuhou (Japanese) Image edited by RocketNews24