kiss_00Every culture in the world has different standards and social norms surrounding blossoming romance. But first kiss stories are a worldwide constant… or are they?

A Japanese cosmetic company, T-Garden, recently came out with a line of new lip gloss called ChuChuMagic, taken from the Japanese sound effect of kissing (“Chu!”). To further their new ad campaign, the online makeup store, Luvlit, started a ChuChuMagic survey on the online market research site, “Girl’s Monitor,” that asked Japanese men and women about their various kissing experiences. After questioning 1,000 users who registered for the survey, Luvlit reported their findings.


Q: How old were you when you had your first kiss?

Always the first to mature, the average age of the women who answered the questionnaire was 14.46 years old when they received their first kiss. For boys, it was 16.06, a whole 1.6 years later than girls. So does this mean Japanese girls like older men?

Q: Do you like kissing?

More than half (51 percent) of the survey participants answered yes, they do. Channeling their traditional Japanese ambiguity, 25 percent answered that if they had to choose, they supposed they like kissing. Exactly 20 percent said that they didn’t feel one way or the other about it. Only 4 percent said that they actually didn’t like kissing much at all.

Q: Are you satisfied with the kisses you get from your partner?

This loaded question was answered with a depressing less than 50 percent of participants answering in the positive. You have to hope that their partners were not near them while taking this survey, as this answer could quash many an ego. A total of 31 percent were moderately satisfied with their lover’s kisses and 20 percent said… well, let’s just say that there are some frustrated couples out roaming the streets of Tokyo right now.

Q: How often do you get kissed?

Reading these numbers, I personally wonder how they compare to other countries. The frequency with the most responses in Japan was 41 percent get kissed “a couple times a week.” Only 20 percent get a daily kiss and 21 percent only get kissed a few times a month.. Saddest of all, the answer “a couple times a year” earned a whopping 18 percent.


There’s no word from consumers as to whether this ChuChuMagic lip gloss actually increases the frequency or enjoyment of kisses, but it may be worth a shot!

Source: NicoNico News
Images: Girls Monitor