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Japan loves amusement parks. And who can blame anyone for that? The rides, the food, the long lines of screaming children. Okay, nothing’s perfect, but amusement parks certainly are a great way to spend the weekend, right? And the best part, of course, is the rides!

But not all rides are created equal. Just look at this photo of the “Sky Cycle” ride at Washuzan Highland, a Brazilian-themed amusement park in Okayama Prefecture. Doesn’t really seem very thrilling, does it? But wait…

sky cycle

Yikes! While four meters (about 13 feet) isn’t really that high, the rickety-looking pillars and rusted-out track nearly guarantee they will disintegrate under the body weight of a mouse.

On one hand, it’s a pretty cool idea–you get to go at your own pace, it doesn’t use any electricity and the view is, quite frankly, stunning. On the other hand, just think how embarrassing it would be to die from falling off of a cycling amusement park ride. That would be like going on a safari and dying after getting run over by the jeep.

What you can’t hear in the picture, obviously, is the creaking of unoiled bicycle parts, which only add to the terror. So, here’s a YouTube video!

Makes you wonder if there’s anyone doing maintenance on the ride–or if they’ve intentionally let it get worn down to add to the thrill. Still, what a view, right?

The YouTube user who filmed the video added a comment saying: “For me, it wasn’t scary at all. I used to work here as a part-time job, though, and some people would suddenly decide to ‘retire’ half-way through the ride. There’s not really a place to stop though!” Another YouTube user added, “I rode this too! I actually took my seatbelt off part way, but there do seem to be some doubts about the ride’s safety.” A more sensible commenter simply stated, “I would be sobbing and pedaling. This is terrifying!”

For any of you in Okayama Prefecture who want to give the ride a chance, you can head right over to Washuzan Highland Park. They also have regular roller coasters, samba dancing, and bungee jumping, so you can be sure to find something to take your mind off the terror of the Sky Cycle ride. Admission for adults is 2,500 yen (about US$25).

Sources: Byoukan Sunday, YouTube, Washuzan Highland
Image sources: Byoukan Sunday