Scream with your mask, not with your mouth.

Tokyo Disneyland and other Japanese amusement parks recently amused netizens worldwide by asking visitors to please ‘refrain from screaming‘ when riding the attractions. To stop the potential spread of coronavirus, visitors were asked to instead scream inside their hearts to keep any germs from flying out.  But that begs the question; how are you supposed to make the most of your visit to the amusement park if you have to spend it in silence? What’s the point of riding a rollercoaster if you can’t let out a cathartic yell? We can’t imagine silently riding a roller coaster would be much fun.

While it’s commendable that such measures are being put in place to keep guests safe, amusement parks in 2020 just aren’t quite the same. With Tokyo Disneyland cancelling Christmas, it feels like it’s setback after setback as coronavirus becomes the ‘new normal’. However, one amusement park doesn’t see the ‘no noise’ rule as a setback; rather, they see it as a chance to lay down a challenge – can you survive on a rollercoaster without screaming?

Greenland amusement park in Kumamoto Prefecture are offering visitors a ‘screaming mask sticker‘ to help you enjoy the attractions to the fullest. There are five sticker designs in total, and they are designed with the purpose to make it look like you’re screaming. 

▼ You can see the mask sticker in action here with a member of Greenland’s staff testing it out.

As you can see from the completely silent video, the staff member managed to ‘survive’ the roller coaster ride without a single shriek escaping her lips. Pretty impressive stuff! You may assume it’s because she’s just not into roller coasters, but her bulging eyes and raised eyebrows suggest she’s definitely screaming somewhere.

 ▼ Before…

▼ …and after.

You can choose your sticker at the entrance gate, but each customer can only get one sticker, so choose carefully! And choose quickly, because stickers are only available while stocks last. So which sticker most resembles your screaming mouth? Is it the “cool, stylish American Comic book” scream? Or the “screaming with joy and having fun” scream? For those with good oral hygiene, perhaps the ‘Nice Teeth’ scream for those who “brush their teeth three times a day without fail” is for you.

▼ Left to right: the ‘Having Fun’ scream, the ‘American Comic Book’ scream, the ‘Fear’ scream, the ‘Kid’ scream and the ‘Nice Teeth’ scream.


While the coronavirus has made 2020 a bit of a nightmare, it’s good to see many creative and amusing solutions being thought up to overcome it, including this futuristic touch screen! Who knows what other inventions will appear in the near future?

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Source: PR Times
Top image: PR Times

Insert images: Pakutaso, PR Times, YouTube/greenlandresort
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