The first sushi train themed ride in Japan!

This is one ride we would like to try at least once before we die. The newest attraction at the Hamanako PalPal amusement park in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture allows you to ride on a piece of sushi. The name of the attraction?“Ride on the sushi and spin around!”

Let’s explain the rules. You choose a “cart”, which is decorated to look like a type of sushi (tuna, prawn, salmon, etc), and then spend the allocated time trying to collect “sushi points”. To earn a point, ride your cart over a picture of sushi which matches the type of sushi you are riding on! The person with the most “sushi points” at the end of the allocated time wins a sushi eraser!

We want to get that eraser!

However, there are a few catches for those of you who have just packed your bags and booked tickets to go to Hamamatsu: to be able to ride you must be over 2 years old (check!), but under 12 years old (check…. oh wait, they don’t mean mental age…).

However, you can accompany an infant on the ride, and this actually may be the only way that someone over 12 years old can ride. Time to make a baby.

If you happen to fulfill the above requirements it will cost you 1000 yen to enter the theme park, and 300 yen to ride the sushi train cart.

For those of us that are young at heart, but don’t want the embarrassment of being told we can’t ride the attraction alone because we are too hairy and old, we can always enjoy the website and know that somewhere in the world children are happy.

■Hamanako PalPal
Shizuoka Prefecture, Hamamatsu City, Nishi-ku, Kanzanjicho 1891

Source: Hamanako PalPal Official Site
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