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Sanrio has come up with some pretty adorable characters over the years. From Batsu-Maru to their most famous little mascot, Hello Kitty, the kawaii just won’t stop. However, the company’s newest character, Kirimi-chan, is questionably cute and definitely bizarre. She is the lead character for Sanrio’s new line of food mascots, inspiring one netizen to easily create a real-life version.

With just a slice of grilled salmon, a piece of ham, and a sharpie, Kirimi-chan appears on a plate:


She’s actually cuter in real life with her little pink body and oversized head. Too bad she’s now inedible thanks to the addition of a painted on smile. If only they made Kirimi-chan with two little seaweed circles and a seaweed swoosh for her mouth. She’d be fully edible and cute enough to coax even the pickiest eater to dive right in.

Source: Fun Takedatake