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In its never-ending quest for new, cute things, Japan sometimes latches onto things that the rest of the world might not apply the adjective to. It’s understandable when someone sees Hello Kitty or Totoro and squeals “Kawaii!, but by some twisted criteria, The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Jack Skellington and the rabbit Usavich, with his creepy drugged-looking eyes, are als considered “cute”.

So perhaps it’s not too surprising that you can now get a costume that turns you into the latest character from adorable mascot king Sanrio, despite that character being a filet of salmon.

Last month, we talked about the newest member of the Sanrio family, Kirimi-chan. Like fellow Sanrio creations Hello Kitty and Bad Badtz Maru, Kirimi-chan is also inspired by the animal kingdom. But whereas her older corporate siblings are a cute cat and surly penguin, Krimi-chan is a fish, and not even a whole one at that

Kirimi-chan is quite clearly a slice of salmon. And just to make sure you can’t cling to the unlikely theory that she was born that way, Sanrio’s official backstory for the character explicitly states that she achieved sentience after being sliced off of a whole fish. So was Kirimi-chan traumatized by the rest of the fish from whence she came being used for human sustenance? Not at all! In fact, it’s the fate she aspires to herself, with catchphrases such as “Please eat me, I’m delicious!”

▼ Attempted suicide has never looked so precious.

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All the potential grisliness hasn’t put a damper on the public’s enthusiasm for Kirimi-chan, though. Not only do people want her, apparently they want to be her, as Sanrio is giving away costumes of the perky little main dish to 100 lucky fans.

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Of course, not everyone likes salmon, which is why each of the prize packs also contains costumes of Kirimi-chan’s pals Kamaboko-chan (a slice of fish sausage) and, perhaps most disturbingly of all, Rosu-chan, a cut of pork sirloin.

Sanrio is accepting online applications for the costume bundle here between now and March 30. Applicants must be over 16 and have a mailing address in Japan. Slight psychosis is not expressly stated as a contest requirement, as its no doubt already a given for anyone who needs these additions to their wardrobe.

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