Which Sanrio character is so unmotivated he has to be pushed on a cart? Hint: You probably know egg-xactly which one we’re talking about!

Japanese Twitter user @sutepotechin was recently met by a surreal scene one morning at Tama-Center Station in Tokyo — the sight of a procession of Sanrio characters exiting the ticket gates and lining up for some kind of promotional photoshoot.

Perhaps the scene wasn’t as bizarre as it initially seemed, however, since Tama-Center Station serves as a gateway for Sanrio Puroland, the indoor theme park in Tama New Town dedicated to Sanrio characters old and new. Even so, it’s not every morning that you see character mascots using public transportation like it was the most natural thing in the world.

@sutepotechin’s series of photo tweets from the time have since been liked nearly 75,000 times, especially with the presence of one unintentionally hilarious character bringing up the rear of the train:  


Badtz-Maru leads the way with a determined (cranky?) expression, followed by the perpetually smiley Keroppi. Wait, who’s this lagging far behind? He looks awfully familiar…▼ Why, it’s none other than Sanrio’s newest star, the Lazy Egg Gudetama!

That’s right–it appears that Gudetama is so lazy, he needs someone to push him places on a cart even in real-life mascot form!

Here we can see the final line-up of characters as they’re posing (left to right): Badtz-Maru, Keroppi, Cinnamoroll, Kiki (of Little Twin Stars), Hello Kitty, Lala (of Little Twin Stars), Purin, My Melody, and Gudetama.


Gee, we sure wish someone wouldn’t mind pushing all of us to work on our daily commutes. Then again, we wouldn’t want to get scrambled by mistake in one of the busier stations!

Source: BUZZmag, Twitter/@sutepotechin