What’s cuter than a Hello Kitty hat? A Hello Kitty hat with twitchy ears!

We here at SoraNews24 just can’t get enough of Sanrio‘s lineup of sweet, sugary critters. I’ve been a Pom Pom Purin purist since my youth, but there’s really no way to go wrong with any of the franchise’s flagship mascot. Each of them has such an adorable image that it’s no wonder people hurry to plaster their apparel, sweet treats and even outdated modes of transport with Sanrio’s plethora of pastel pals.

The latest way to adorn yourself with Kitty and pals is their upcoming Moving Ears Hat, a soft and snuggly cap fashioned to look like one of six characters’ heads.

▼ The illustrious line-up.

Each cap comes with two trailing fabric fronds that drape down from the main part of the hat. Perhaps you’re meant to tie them around your neck, like a scarf? Or maybe tie them atop the hat like a ribbon?

▼ Cinnamoroll models the real intent of these comfy tuggable offshoots.

Aha! When tugged or squeezed, the floppy ears atop the hat jump up, active and alert. We can already tell it’ll be tough to stop fiddling around with those!

▼ From the languid puppy-dog ears of Pom Pom Purin and Pochacco…

▼ …to the devious harlequin bunny ears of My Melody’s rival, Kuromi.

If you need a little more help visualizing just how tooth-achingly cute these hats are, don’t worry: Sanrio filmed a demonstration.

Of course, Kitty has very small ears, so squeezing results in a gentle and barely-noticeable twitching, while long-eared characters like My Melody and Cinnamoroll have much more dynamic ear-flips. It’s up to you how ostentatious your ear-waggling needs to be!

Each design is priced at 2,052 yen (US$19.30) and can be ordered through the Sanrio online web shop for when they debut on August 21. Snap one up now, and make sure to keep an ear out for other pieces of apparel. It’s never a bad time to rock a complete Sanrio outfit!

Top image: Sanrio
Insert images: Sanrio, PR Times
Source: PR Times

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