YouTube isn’t all cat videos and aspiring singers, you know; it’s actually filled with genuinely creative and talented folks. As proof, we present to you a Japanese guy’s channel dedicated to brushing his teeth with guns.

Yes, you read that right. On his channel, tokioFN uploads videos of himself using air guns to brush his teeth by taping his toothbrush to their slide mechanisms. I mean, who wouldn’t think that’s a great idea?!

His latest video has just gone viral, currently being picked up by bemused foreign media outlets. So if you haven’t seen it already, here is the latest weirdness trending out of Japan.

▼ Don’t try this at home, kids. Unless you’re going to film it for YouTube.

▼ It’s all fun and games…


▼ …until somebody loses an eye. Or a tooth.


Everything starts out well, but as he bravely soldiers on with his task his cries of pain grow more and more pitiful, until he gracefully bows out while mid-choke.

This isn’t actually his first crazy gun-toothbrush contraption. The above video features a G18c air pistol, and he has another with the impressively huge SCAR-L x mk13, which interestingly enough seems to provide better results in terms of not ripping the poor idiot guy’s mouth to shreds. We can’t vouch for how clean his teeth were, though.


Let’s check out the response from Japanese Netizens to their latest cultural export.

There were plenty of comments along the lines of ‘lol’, but of course there’s the odd one or two who think he’s a disgrace to the nation.

“I can’t be bothered to watch it, someone explain”

“Isn’t he broadcasting Japan’s shame to the whole world?”


“For a second I thought it was Megwin but he’s actually a complete unknown (*Megwin is a famous Japanese YouTuber.)”

“Honestly, I lolled”

“Well, I guess I watched the whole thing”

“This is just a standard introduction video. Is this really news? (I’m not sure what kind of YouTube videos they usually watch…)”

“Looks painful( ´ ・ω・ ` )”

“What an idiot lolol”

“I bet he’s confused that he’s suddenly gone viral”

Whether or not he deserves the attention is up for debate, but the video certainly brought me a chuckle and a wince, and a renewed sense that there is still some originality left in a world that sometimes feels full of copies.

Source: HimaSoku, YouTube