“Aw, what an adorable little karate tot!” I thought to myself as I stumbled upon a video of seven-year-old Mahiro-chan about to do some adorable flailing. “It’s like someone put a karate gi on a Cabbage Patch Kid!”

Trembling in anticipation of some otherworldly cuteness, I clicked play and GAHHHHHHHH!!!! She’s TERRIFYING!!!!!

Six hours of uncontrollable weeping later, I’m finally ready to write about my ordeal. This kid isn’t messing around.


A practitioner of the popular Shotokan style of karate, little Mahiro-chan is pictured practicing the Kanku Dai – a technically basic but long and fundamental kata (a series of practiced movements meant to simulate a fight against imaginary foes). Despite her pint-sized stature and the fact that children can’t look anything but adorable in tiny kid gi, Mahiro-chan shatters the illusion of cuteness immediately when she starts the kata off with a terrifying yell directly at the camera.

We can’t quite make out what she’s yelling, but we’re pretty sure it must be Japanese for “I WILL EAT YOUR HEART!!!”

She then launches into a high-speed, technically perfect series of movements like some kind of murderous child Terminator. It’s absolutely brilliant to watch, and I can’t help but be incredibly impressed with Mahiro-chan’s karate achievements.

On the other hand, I now have to live with the knowledge that there is a seven-year-old on this planet who could murder me with her bare hands.



Source: Kotaro Blog
Screenshots via YouTube