Japanese seem to love giving their drinks an unexpected twist. They’ve tried hot ginger ale, orange juice that looks like soy sauce, and a milk drink with tomato and lemon flavoring. Compared to those wacky creations, Yakult’s popular probiotic dairy drinks seem positively pedestrian, but now they’ve upped their game.

Care for a hot, potable yogurt, anyone?

On September 30, the company will be launching a new hot drink for fall that they are calling Hot Miruju. Like the refrigerated version, Hot Miruju will offer a good dose of live bacteria, along with calcium for healthy bones and vitamin D to help with absorption. The drink is said to be sweet with a light acidity and a refreshing aftertaste.

Having tried the standard Yakult probiotic drinks, I can say that they are something you drink for your health, not because you enjoy the cloyingly sweet taste. I can’t imagine heating it up would do much for the flavor, but if you are brave enough to give it a try, Hot Miruju will be available at supermarkets and convenience stores across the country for the low price of 124 yen (US$1.25).

I suppose even if your mouth doesn’t thank you, your stomach will. Bottom’s up!

Source: Narinari
Image: Yakult