Sure we all love the great taste of ginger ale. Its sugary and spicy flavor, which also helps ease tummy aches, is second to none. But I know some of you must be wondering: “Why can’t I get that fantastic ginger taste in a milky substance which has no saturated fat or lactose and was not produced in a way that directly exploits animals?”

Your highly specific prayers have been answered! Kikkoman will be bringing Ginger Ale Flavored Soy Milk to stores across Japan in February.

Kikkoman has a long history of flavor wizardry in their Tonyu Inryo (Soy Milk Drink) series. They offer a very wide range of tastes, from chocolate and coffee to various fruits like apple and grape. All of these flavors are surprisingly authentic and manage to pretty much wipe out any trace of the taste of actual soy milk used in the drink.

Also, ginger ale is hardy Kikkoman’s first foray into the carbonated-beverage-flavor area. In the past, they’ve released ramune and cola-flavored soy milk drinks, the latter of which we tried out for ourselves and it did indeed taste a heck of a lot like cola despite not looking or feeling like it.

Ginger ale flavored soy milk is set to hit supermarket shelves on 23 February and will be available in packs of 18 200mL (6.8oz) drinking boxes, because taste-testing is for wimps. Kikkoman hopes you’ll fully commit to their ginger ale soy milk by buying it in bulk.

Also released on the 23rd are white peach and Japanese apricot (ume) flavors. They will be permanent additions while the ginger ale flavor will end in October when Kikkoman anticipates the novelty will have worn off and friends will stop daring each other to try it.

Will Ginger Ale Tonyu Inryo taste like real ginger ale? Probably, but will it also help settle your stomach after reading a book in a car? Can you mix a Horse’s Neck with it? These questions will have to wait until next month when the reporter who pulls the shortest straw gets to try out 18 boxes of it.

Source: Kikkoman (Japanese)
Inset Image: RocketNews24