New Yakult desserts now available at special concept store in Tokyo

Yakult’s first foray into the sweets world proves Lactobacillus can be decadently delicious.

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Yakult opens a dessert store in Japan and releases a new ice cream in supermarkets

Ice creams and parfaits filled with good bacteria for gut health.

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South Korean beverage maker teases consumers with bottles they can literally undress

The beach is, for obvious reasons, one of the most popular leisure destinations during summer. There’s so much to enjoy at the beach during the hotter months: the sun, the sea breeze, the refreshing water… and of course it’s bikinis and guys with well-sculpted bods galore.

But this summer in South Korea, it’s not just the beach babes and hunks who are strutting around in their skimpy swimwear. Even the world-famous probiotic beverage Yakult is showing off its shapely body in a variety of swimsuits! Check out the designs after the break!

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Just in time for fall: Hot yogurt you can chug

Japanese seem to love giving their drinks an unexpected twist. They’ve tried hot ginger ale, orange juice that looks like soy sauce, and a milk drink with tomato and lemon flavoring. Compared to those wacky creations, Yakult’s popular probiotic dairy drinks seem positively pedestrian, but now they’ve upped their game.

Care for a hot, potable yogurt, anyone?

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