Japan’s first-ever Yakult cafe serves a rare probiotic ice cream in the shadow of a famous castle

A sacred place for shogun…and lovers of lactic acid bacteria ice cream.

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Man arrested for stealing a pack of lactic acid drinks from Osaki City Hall

Stolen goods valued at 600 yen, but their probiotic benefits are priceless.

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New Yakult desserts now available at special concept store in Tokyo

Yakult’s first foray into the sweets world proves Lactobacillus can be decadently delicious.

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Yakult opens a dessert store in Japan and releases a new ice cream in supermarkets

Ice creams and parfaits filled with good bacteria for gut health.

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Just in time for fall: Hot yogurt you can chug

Japanese seem to love giving their drinks an unexpected twist. They’ve tried hot ginger ale, orange juice that looks like soy sauce, and a milk drink with tomato and lemon flavoring. Compared to those wacky creations, Yakult’s popular probiotic dairy drinks seem positively pedestrian, but now they’ve upped their game.

Care for a hot, potable yogurt, anyone?

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