hot ginger ale

Fall is right around the corner, and winter is around the corner after that, and after that… wait, back up, you’re just going to end up in the same place you started. Let’s focus on fall.

Fall in Japan, like every season in Japan, is a chance for companies to come up with new seasonal convenience store items with fancy color-coded packages. And in summer’s case, tons and tons of salt. In the fall, especially, manufacturers gear up with all kinds of crazy concoctions because it’s (probably) a verifiable fact that everybody eats like a damn starved pig in the fall and they know you’ll eat or drink just about anything if they put some pretty fall leaves on the package.

Enter Coca Cola’s hot Canada Dry ginger ale, which actually lacks leaves on the package – a severe marketing oversight – but does feature some cool technology to keep the carbonation from getting all wonky when heating up the drink. In addition to mad science-ing the carbonation to be just right, the drink also features a new recipe that cranks up the ginger and other spices to better suit the cold fall and winter months.

The new drink will run 120 yen (US$1.20) and goes on sale October 21, which is a little later than the competition for fall specialties, but let’s cut them some slack. From the sound of it, they’ve put a lot of thought and countless hours into concocting the perfect hot ginger ale recipe.

Source: NariNari
Photo: Coca Cola