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Tired of the same old hairstyles? Twin tails just not rocking your socks any more? Well how about hairdo that could also be used as a weapon or a means of catching your next meal?

Shared earlier this week by a Japanese Twitter user going by the name of Miya, these photos of one junior high school student’s particularly outlandish hairstyle are currently going viral and raising both smiles and eyebrows all across the land.

▼ “The person two seats in front of me has some pretty wicked hair!”

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We’re not entirely sure whether we’re supposed to think this is cool or if the kids involved just have an especially quirky sense of humour, but the unusual ‘do is already catching the attention of netizens on the other side of the world and being referred to by names such as “matrix” and “net head”. We at RocketNews24 are quite fond of the name “Websilocks” though, and wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if this young lady were to turn around to reveal the face of a giant arachnid like a character in a Japanese horror flick.

▼ Here’s a work-in-progress shot of the curious coiffeur’s creation!

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▼ And the finished article!

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We’re looking forward to seeing how Japan’s talented youth responds and the creations they can dream up!

Source: Twitter via Kotaku US