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Just like it does in other markets, Starbucks offers special limited edition merchandise for specific locations in Japan. But even if you’ve already got special tumblers from Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyoto, and Hiroshima, you collection won’t be entirely complete without this special Starbucks bottle that you can only purchase onboard ANA flights inside or connecting to Japan.

Last year Starbucks released special tumblers that were only available at Tokyo’s Haneda airport. But while the Haneda Starbucks is a nice place to grab a cup of coffee to drink while watching the view of planes taking off, the chain’s newest bottle can only be bought in the sky.

The design, called Sakura 2014, features a flurry of Japan’s iconic cherry blossoms, with an airplane soaring above the dancing petals. The delicate shading of the blossoms gives them the impression of sunlight passing through their dainty surface, underlining their delicate beauty.

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The bottle, made of stainless steel, will be sold on both domestic and international ANA flights, as part of two slightly different packages. The domestic bundle, which goes for 4,500 yen (US$43.25), comes with the bottle, drink coupon, and prepaid Starbucks card decorated with the same motif as the limited-edition container.

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The slightly cheaper 4,300 yen international flight package is almost identical, but swaps out the Starbucks card for a selection of Starbucks Via instant coffee packs (although the chain would prefer you prefer to them as “coffee essence” packets).

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The special ANA Starbucks bottles go on sale March 1. They’ll be around through cherry blossom season, but your last chance to buy one is April 30, or whenever your flight lands, whichever comes sooner.

Source, images: Starbucks Japan
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