On 29 September, Kumamoto Prefectural Police announced the arrest of 33-year-old Akira Katayama for robbing a private high school in Kumamoto City. The intended score of this particular heist was three girls’ uniforms used by the school.

Although he nearly succeeded, Katayama’s plans were dashed when it became obvious mid-robbery that he didn’t come close to resembling a high school student.

It would seem that Katayama’s plan was to use a boys’ uniform for that school and go in undercover. Once he found some schoolgirl outfits he would stuff them into his bag and go home – in and out like a pro; with no cops and no casualties.

According to police, Katayama entered the school at around 10:10am on the 29th wearing a school uniform. As he was searching around for some skirts another student immediately spotted the world-weary face of a middle-aged man and reported him to faculty saying “There’s an adult wearing a uniform who looks nothing like a student wandering around the shoe cubbyholes near the entrance.”

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the school, Katayama found three full girls’ uniforms piled on top of a desk in one of the rooms. He shoved them into his bag and began making for the exit.

However, the school had already contacted the police who arrived quickly to the scene. After a search of the premises they easily spotted Katayama on his way out and apprehended him with the stolen goods. Police say he confessed to the crime saying “I wanted them any way I could get them.”

It looks like this truly daring robbery was thwarted and the uniforms valued at 21,000 yen (US$214) are back to their rightful owners. Still, there are some lingering questions to this case. First, how did this guy manage to get a boys’ uniform? Secondly, hasn’t he heard of Amazon or any of the other thousands of retailers selling girls’ school uniforms?

Source: Yomiuri Online (Japanese)
Image: Amazon 12

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