Last weekend, shoppers at Q’s Mall in the Abeno district of Osaka were treated to an appearance by this (unidentified) middle-aged man dressed in the typical garb of a Japanese junior school student. Unfazed by the public gaze, he posed for pictures and smiled for shoppers who paused to take in his… unusual choice of attire.

The man appears to be modeling the traditional bright yellow hat (worn to make tiny students more visible to drivers on their walk to school), as well as the ubiquitous “randoseru” backpack in a fetching shade of fuchsia. He rounds off his ensemble with a pair of teeny-tiny gym shorts, resembling the sort worn by junior high school students during P.E (in the UK we called ’em gym knickers). He has accessorized with a bold choice of patterned knee socks, a hot-pink belt and a little yellow body pouch.

Now, we have no idea why this fellow decided to parade in public dressed as a little girl, but he certainly seems to be enjoying the attention and the shoppers are getting a giggle out of it too, so who are we to judge? Who knows, perhaps he might join forces with other wacky dressers Sailor Suit Old Man and Ladybeard?

The photos above were uploaded by Twitter user yu_ki0615 who was on the scene. The tweet prompted a flood of responses from netizens who were both shocked and amused.

“I think… someone should notify… the police.”

“He has pretty legs. Lol.”

“Child: Mommy, why is that man wearing a junior high school uniform?
Mother: No! DON’T LOOK!”

What do you think of the man’s ensemble? Is it kawaii or is it kimoi (gross?) Or perhaps it’s a little bit kimokawa (a mixture of both?) …

Source: Hachima Kikou
Images: Hachima Kikou