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Anime meat looks delicious and grotesque at the same time. It almost always makes you hunger for a big turkey leg because of how perfectly it’s drawn – like how hamburgers look on the McDonald’s menu – but then it’s got the two bones sticking out of it, as though someone just savagely tore the leg off of some poor, frightened animal, bone and all.

Which seems entirely possible considering that everyone in an anime universe is as strong as an ox. Maybe they gain their power by killing and eating the hearts and leg bones of said oxen.

Anyway, a baumkuchen manufacturer in Japan realized that with the sweet, dense cake dessert popular throughout Europe and Japan, they could almost perfectly recreate a cartoony anime meat shank and the below “Manga Niku” baumkuchen was born.

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As you can see, the real thing looks a great deal more faithful to actual anime than the box art pictured above. Even the bones are blown up to wacky proportions; they’re actually two plastic handles shoved into the ends of the baumkuchen.

Unfortunately, as with most of the delicious snacks and crazy novelty goods we feature here on RocketNews24, “Manga Niku” appears to be only available for delivery within Japan. If that’s where you happen to be, however, you can order from the link here, you lucky dog you.

Source: ITMedia