Suspect in his forties claims he wanted to bring back the “good old days.”

About a year ago a man called several high schools in Munakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture advising them, “It’d be good if high school girls had bare feet as part of their uniforms.” According to police the caller was allegedly resident Kentaro Shirakawa, who now faces charges of interfering with school business.

Apparently, after making his suggestion, Shirakawa grew increasingly upset with the schools for not changing their dress code to his preference. So, he allegedly called one particular school and said, “If I see any student wearing socks past the ankle, I’ll kill them. Got it?”

Of course, with threats of this nature, the school went on alert and notified police, who managed to track down the 48-year-old. Shirakawa reportedly confessed to the crime, saying, “I wanted to bring back schoolgirls with bare feet.”

Those online struggled to grasp both the man’s crime and reason for committing it.

“I don’t get this guy at all.”
“Wait, when did schoolgirls ever have bare feet?”
“If the guy is 48 then all the girls would have been into those big puffy socks when he was in high school.”
“Is this for real?”
“First he said barefoot, then he said socks up to the ankle…then he said barefoot again. What the hell?”
“That’s one heck of a pervert.”
“Maybe he’s from Okinawa.”

Just to check, I asked a woman in her 60s if she ever heard of teenage girls not wearing socks to school and with a look of deep concern she simply told me “no, never.” Different regions may vary, but it still seems unlikely that this guy is even one of those hipster throwbacks who are into stuff before their time, like jazz or those bicycles with the one really big wheel.

Nevertheless, the question still remains whether this guy is a militant foot fetishist or an extremely curmudgeonly officer of the fashion police, but that will be up to a team of mental health professionals to determine, while hopefully giving him the help he needs.

Otherwise, he can spend some time in prison where everyone is issued three pairs of socks, whether he likes it or not.

Source: TV Asahi, Hachima Kiko
Top image: Pakutaso (Edited by SoraNews24)