sym 19

Thankfully the following images, which popped up on Japanese textboard site 2Channel earlier this week, were all produced using image sites such as PicHacks in order to create a symmetrical image from an existing photo, and are not of real-world creatures genetically engineered by nefarious scientists. Some of them will, however, most definitely be coming after you in your dreams tonight.

So come with us now as we step into the world of creepy evolutions and nightmarish creatures. And they said facial symmetry is a mark of beauty…

Thankfully, evolution is an incredibly slow process. If the animals we know today morphed into these monstrosities overnight we’re sure many of us would swear we’d been invaded by prankster aliens.

Let’s start off gently, with the pups.

▼ Prison pup will cut you.

sym 27

▼ This two-tailed (or perhaps winged?) retriever looks thrilled about his new look.

sym 1

▼ OK, this is just horrific.

sym 23

▼ I stand corrected. THIS is horrific.

sym 22

▼ Double Lassie is twice as helpful.

sym 21

▼ Oh dear god, what have they done to you!?

sym 18

▼ Phew, that’s better. Well, almost.

sym 17

▼ I don’t even…

sym 10

▼ Flying fox-dog will save the day!

sym 8

▼ Blob-dog not so much.

sym 9

▼ Oh noes.

sym 2

▼ Joker-face here will probably eat you in your sleep.

sym 6

▼ At least this two-bodied pup eats his vegetables.

sym 3

▼ Cyclopups, meanwhile, will stare you to death.

sym 7

▼ A new cartoon character is born!

sym 14

Now we’ve got you warmed up, let’s move on to our feline overlords!

▼ Cat-turned-turret gun.

sym 29

▼ Kill it with fire! I repeat, kill it with fire!

sym 25

▼ This wide-faced kitty has a sad.

sym 13

▼ Yeah, that’s not much better.

sym 12

▼ Okay, maybe some symmetry is cute!

sym 30

And the rest…

▼ Emperor Pigeon will crush your puny human body.

sym 28

▼ “You’re a long way from home, boy.”

sym 26

▼ Twin daughters always pestering you for ponies? We’ve got just the thing!

sym 24

▼ There aren’t enough ants in the world for this eleph-anteater.

sym 19

▼ “We’ve come to collect that money you owe us.”

sym 15

▼ “Give us the fackin’ money!!!!”

sym 16

Sweet dreams, children!

Source/images: Himasoku