Mr. Sato tries to make himself invisible by wearing mirror paper, creates cool modern art instead

As it turns out, wearing reflective material has multiple unintended side effects. 

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Japanese smart mirror with sexy anime voice will feed women compliments, read their moods【Video】

Device scans your face for signs of blemishes to your beauty or trouble in your heart, and absolutely loves flirting with you.

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Phantom Pikachu photo gives thousands the chills

Optical illusion? Smoke and mirrors? Or is this creepy photo of Pikachu the work of the supernatural?

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Samsung invented a crazy mirror that can show you how clothing looks on you before you buy

In the future, Samsung wants your mirror to act as a virtual fitting room.

At an event in Hong Kong, the company unveiled a new type of mirror that also functions as a screen with cameras inside.

The mirror would likely be aimed at retail stores, enabling shoppers to potentially view information about the product they’re trying on or digitally try on items before they purchase them.

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Why do I look normal in my home mirror, but hideous when I catch my reflection in a window?

Have you ever had that experience where you’ve left the house in a good mood, convinced that you look great, until you catch a glimpse of yourself in a shop window or a reflective surface and then your whole day is ruined? You were sure when you left the house that morning that your makeup was done to perfection, and you looked healthy and vibrant, but now it’s like you’re looking at a different person, someone who’s about ten years older and hasn’t slept for a week.

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Symmetry is creepy! 26 photos of animals “evolving” with the help of mirror images

Thankfully the following images, which popped up on Japanese textboard site 2Channel earlier this week, were all produced using image sites such as PicHacks in order to create a symmetrical image from an existing photo, and are not of real-world creatures genetically engineered by nefarious scientists. Some of them will, however, most definitely be coming after you in your dreams tonight.

So come with us now as we step into the world of creepy evolutions and nightmarish creatures. And they said facial symmetry is a mark of beauty…

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