Spiderman comes to class at Tokyo University3

Spider-Man can apparently do whatever a spider can and that includes attending a class at the prestigious University of Tokyo. As he quietly sits in the front row of a regional geography lecture, we can’t help but wonder why his Spidey sense brought him to a boring lecture hall when he could have been swinging from the skyscrapers of Tokyo or turning into a dumpling.

It all started when Spider-Man showed up to class…

▼ With matching red shoes no less.

Spiderman comes to class at Tokyo UniversityImage: Twitter (hira_KUzu)

As the professor made his way to the podium, there was no way he couldn’t notice the unusually skinny Spider-Man sitting at attention, ready to learn about the physical features of the earth. And then Spidey made his move…

Spiderman comes to class at Tokyo University2Image: Twitter (hira_KUzu)

The professor was starstruck, snapping a commemorative photo on his cell phone.

Spiderman comes to class at Tokyo University4Image: Twitter (gk34r)

We wish Spider-Man climbed up the walls and swung from the ceiling, giving those lifeless Todai students a bit of cheer for a brief moment in their test-filled lives. But it appears that after striking a pose, our masked hero settled back into “attentive student” mode and it was back to business as usual. Let’s hope the professor gave him extra credit.

Source: Hachima Kikou