I haven’t seen a face like that since Friday night bingo.

“Gross,” “scary,” and “deadly,” are some common words used to describe spiders. Even their strongest supporters would go as far as to call them “fascinating,” or “beneficial,” but still stopping short of praises such as “delightful.”

However, on 8 April, Ibaraki-based Twitter user Yomikikaseya Sachie (@yomu556) posted an image of just that on Twitter, showing us what can only be described as a downright delightful little spider.

“There is a spider that looks like the face of a cheeful old man.”

This type of spider is a variety of crab spider called hanagumo in Japanese. You’ve probably seen them on the Internet before as their patterned green abdomens occasionally make human-relatable shapes like smiley faces or hearts.

But the level of detail in this face is quite amazing, right down to the bushy eyebrows and grey mustache of a happy pappy. The scene is made more perfect by the background that makes it look as if the gnome-like grandpa is happily sliding down the petals of a daffodil.

The scene brighten the day of many, as one might expect:

“I think that’s the first cute spider I’ve seen.”
“He looks kind of like [artist] Tamakichi Sakura.”
“Looks like a mascot character.”
“He’s having some fun right there.”
“He looks so carefree. We should all be so happy.”

There were also many comparisons to the character Tingle from the Legend of Zelda series. That’s a result of the green body which will unfortunately fade to a deep brown as the spider gets older.

This is a serious upgrade from the creepy-faced crab spider found in Hong Kong a while back and makes you wonder if this might turn into an evolutionary trend. Cute spiders would certainly have an advantage when it comes to human threats. After all, who could squash a face like that?

Source: Twitter/@yomu556Niconico NewsMy Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@yomu556