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Despite working for video game publisher Capcom for over 20 years, Keiji Inafune didn’t really achieve international name-recognition until the tumultuous tail end of his time with the company. Even if they didn’t know his name, though, gamers everywhere were familiar with his work, as Inafune was involved with some of Capcom’s biggest hits, including Mega Man, Resident Evil, Onimusha, Street Fighter, and Dead Rising.

Inafune got his start as a character designer before moving up to a position as a producer. Now, he’s set to add one more title to his resume: college professor.

Inafune has kept himself busy since his split with Capcom. He’s started his own development house, Comcept, lent his likeness to the dating simulator Sweet Fuse (the protagonist of which is his fictional niece), and has even started work on a hotly anticipated side-scrolling action game titled Mighty No. 9.

▼ Because a Mega Man by any other name would be as blue.

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Since setting out on his own, Inafune has become a hero to gamers who simultaneously crave a return to the straightforward fun and entertainment that used to be synonymous with gaming, while at the same time desiring innovation that breaks free of existing molds. Osaka Seikei University apparently feels that a man who’s so passionate about reshaping the game industry is also a perfect choice to mold young minds, and has announced that this month, Inafune will serve as a guest professor in the school’s Department of Information Design.

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The famed producer will be lecturing on ways to develop, plan, and produce new games, illustrated through real-life case studies, which would ostensibly by of some of his own greatest hits. The Information Design department’s stated goal is to help fans transition into pros, and given Inafune’s impressive list of credits, it seems they’ll have no trouble assembling the “fans” part of that equation.

Inafune’s first class is scheduled for April 22.

▼ No word as to whether students who are tardy will have to complete the disappearing block section of Mega Man 2 as punishment

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