Osaka authorities finally arrest “Spider Man”

Your unfriendly neighborhood wall-crawler currently facing several charges of theft.

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Spider-Man cafe opens in Roppongi Hills to commemorate new film, offers spidery eats and drinks

The limited-time cafe has our Spider-Senses, and taste buds, tingling!

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Cosplay as your favourite character in seconds with cleverly designed T-shirt collection

Now you can transform yourself into characters like No Face, Slime, Ryuk and Spiderman, simply by pulling your shirt over your head.

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Spidey-cat “drops in” to check on its owner, saves the day with a dose of humor

This cute superhero will stun you with his “kawaii-sense”.

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Look out! Here comes the Samurai Spider-Man

Bandai and Tamashii Nations have outdone themselves again with the latest addition to their samurai series of pop culture figurines.

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Gundam robots and Marvel characters combine and make new art we definitely need 【Photos】

When Japan got its hands on a Marvel property back in the 1970s, it added something that is now recognized as very Japanese: giant robots, which Japanese Supaidaman used to battle his foes like a web-slinging Gundam pilot (even though the original Mobile Suit Gundam wouldn’t make its debut until two years later).

Jump to today, and both Marvel and Gundam are going strong in their respective home countries. However, if Marvel ever wants to increase its market share in Japan, maybe they should be working to create Gundam robots versions of their most famous characters. If you’re having a hard time imagining that crossover, we’ve found some fan art that will have you writing letters to both companies to make this happen.

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All we want for Christmas is a 1/6 model Spider-Man to take photos with

They say a dog is man’s best friend. But if these pictures are anything to go by, Spider-Man’s best friend is a cat.

Not only does this 1/6 scale Spider-Man come with a puffer vest, he’s also the perfect size to take all kinds of adorable pictures. Join us after the jump for Spider-Man hanging out with pets; tucked up in a cat bed; and showing what an awesome dad he is.

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Spider-Man takes classes at the University of Tokyo

Spider-Man can apparently do whatever a spider can and that includes attending a class at the prestigious University of Tokyo. As he quietly sits in the front row of a regional geography lecture, we can’t help but wonder why his Spidey sense brought him to a boring lecture hall when he could have been swinging from the skyscrapers of Tokyo or turning into a dumpling.

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