With bitchin’ bikes come bitchin’ responsibility.

Although rarely the most pressing problem facing Japanese society, the issue of young Japanese men riding motorbikes wildly is a persistent one. Known as bosozoku, these often teenage riders enjoy stirring up trouble and noise on the roads of Japan late at night.

On 27 September four men aged 16 to 18 were arrested for just such behavior in the middle of the night before in Saga City, Saga Prefecture. However, unlike other bosozoku doing donuts in the middle of a busy intersection and setting off bottle rockets, these ones were dressed as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

▼ A news report showing that three bikes and at least one spidey suit were confiscated

It should come as no surprise to any fan of the superhero that Japanese bikers would want to dress up as him, given his origin and all. It probably goes without saying, since Spider-Man is the main character of countless successful media franchises and the highest-grossing movie of all time, but just in case anyone out there is still unfamiliar with Spidey’s background, let’s recap.

Spider-Man started off as super-cool professional motorcycle racer Takuya Yamashiro whose scientist father was murdered by the evil Professor Monster. Not one to take any crap, Yamashiro went right after Monster and along the way encountered an alien spider named Galia who bestowed upon him the super spider powers, land-and-air vehicle, and giant robot needed to exact his revenge as an emissary of Hell.

It’s a story I think we all can relate to, but perhaps none more than motorcycle enthusiasts such as bosozoku. However, they appeared to let their spider-enthusiasm get a little out of hand, resulting in a major public nuisance.

The four were said to have announced what they were going to do in advance over TikTok. But apparently the spidey-senses of local police weren’t quite as sharp, because even having been tipped off, the bikers were able to revel for a good two hours after midnight and draw a crowd of some 500 people.

Netizens, however, were much quicker to pounce on these youngsters, and sentenced them to ridicule in the court of public opinion.

“What is the mental connection between wanting to ride a motorcycle and wanting to make an ass of yourself?”
“They sullied the good name of Spider-Man!”
“Arrest everyone who went to watch too.”
“Those are some cheap Don Quijote costumes.”
“Someone call Chibatman!”
“Halloween isn’t for another month, boys.”
“I guess they want to be heroes.”
“Welcome to 1978.”
“Where’s Leopardon?”

As for the real law, police are still investigating whether others were involved, but the penalties likely won’t be severe, especially for the minors who were there. Then again, maybe Sony and Marvel will go after them the same way Nintendo took out all the go-karters dressed as Mario.

Source: FNN Online Prime, NTV, Hachima Kiko
Top image: YouTube/The Cosmic Spidey
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