When you’re a little kid, any slightly long object turns into your own personal phone. The remote control, a banana, maybe even a sausage have all served as substitute talking devices for children not quite old enough to have their own fully-functional mobile device. But frozen treats, no matter how perfectly sized, have always been out of reach as a play phone, transforming into a puddle of sticky goo before the purple dragon had his turn to talk. But now you can be the envy of all those 5-year-olds yammering like fools on their pickle phones with the icePhone case that looks like a real crunch bar or popsicle.

This popsicle-turned-iPhone case works with the iPhone5 and 5s and comes in two styles:

▼ Soda typeicePhone6

▼ Crunch typeicePhone7

Despite this product’s inherent silliness, it’s surpisingly detailed and realistic. Take a look at the close ups:


It looks as if the popsicles would melt in your hand after a few minutes of talk time. But look, the fake plastic food stays intact even while being held:icePhone4

The icePhone cases are made in Japan and can be bought at online retailer, Rakuten, for 3,990 yen (US$40.48). So go ahead, use a popsicle as a phone. Just make sure it’s an icePhone and not the real deal.


Source: IT Media
Images: Rakuten