Attack on Titan fans who pre-ordered the new Levi figure by Good Smile were no doubt super-excited when orders started shipping last month. But one buyer, who goes by the username @Levi_Eren_Karin on Twitter, couldn’t help but tweet about her surprise when the contents inside weren’t quite what she had been expecting


Inside the box, which should have contained the beautiful 1/8 scale Levi pictured above, was this furry little fellow instead:

▼ “You’re not Levi.”

Despite how cute he looks and how well he’s managed to mimic Levi’s usual stoic facial expression, there’s no doubt about it; he certainly isn’t the captain we all know and love.

Admittedly we’d be disappointed, too, if our 11,852-yen (approximately US$98) figure turned out to be a feline knock-off instead. That said, considering how cats here can easily run you a thousand dollars or more, you might be able to trade this in this imposter for the real Levi and still have enough left over for both the Eren and Mikasa versions released earlier this year, too.

We’re just kidding, of course. This cute feline double is actually one of four cats owned by @Levi_Erin_Karin. We aren’t sure if he was just looking for a new box to play with or trying to get his owner’s attention away from her shiny new purchase, but what we do know is he isn’t the first pet to try to impersonate Levi. We think all he needs is one of these pet-sized cloaks to really seal the deal.


Source: Twitter/@Levi_Erin_Karin
Feature/top image: Twitter/@Levi_Erin_Karin, edited by RocketNews24
Insert images: GoodSmile Online ShopRebloggy