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In a slightly convoluted tale of intrigue and betrayal, a Saitama man was arrested for stabbing his online gaming buddy after the two got into an argument about a lack of gaming skills.

The two apparently met at a game arcade over a decade before the incident and had been keeping in touch, dabbling in multiplayer matches of a Gundam-themed online game together. After one apparently teased the other about his lack of skills, the two decided to settle the debate in person.

According to the suspect, he believed the victim intended to kill him for not piloting a digital representation of an imaginary robot adequately, so he decided to get the jump on him by holing up in his house with a knife and waiting for the victim to arrive in an epic IRL case of “omg n00b camping.”

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Making this case even more sad, the suspect – who we can’t stress enough is in his 30s – went back into the house and told his father he just stabbed a guy, because dad can apparently take care of anything, even attempted murder charges…

In all seriousness, the victim’s life was in very real danger, leading the police to book the attacker for attempted murder. We hope you’ll all keep this story in mind the next time a 12-year-old on Xbox Live calls you a sissy and you seriously consider stabbing him.

Source: Reuters Japan
Photos: Gundam Online official website