juon mother and son

Kayako and Toshio are a lot more laid back when they’re not committing supernatural murder.

As anyone who has seen the Japanese horror movie Ju-On knows, Kayako and Toshio, the vengeful spirits that haunt a cursed house in Tokyo, are terrifying. Their empty eyes, their blood-stained faces…it’s basically insta-nightmare fuel.

So to celebrate the upcoming release of the Japanese movie Sadako vs. Kayako (Sadako being the girl-monster from The Ring), what better way to show off Kayako and Toshio’s horror than by…showing some photos of them as a loving family?

▼ Just a mom and her son hanging out at the park on a sunny day.
Toshio, why don’t you go introduce yourself to some of the other kids?

And these aren’t some devoted cosplaying fans – they’re official photos to promote the film. We’re not exactly sure what the marketing team was thinking by showing off Kayako and Toshio in a cuter, more loving light, but we’re certainly not complaining.

▼ Mama Kayako making sure little Toshio is eating right…

▼ …and staying healthy with plenty of exercise.

▼ All that healthy living doesn’t mean the two of them can’t share a mother-son cookie every now and then though. D’aww.

▼ “Look at that house, Toshio! Maybe you can haunt a house like that someday when you grow up.”

▼ Enjoying a lazy Sunday at home with no guests that need murdering attending to.

▼ You’d have to be a monster not to enjoy a day of hanami.

▼ “No human souls until after you’ve finished your carrots, Toshio!”

▼ “Toshio, should I be worried? You’ve hardly grown at all these past…decades.”

▼ “Toshio hurry up or you’ll be late for school!”

▼ “Oh, you want mom to walk with you today? Well, maybe just this once….”

If you want to see the rest of the photos of the adorable mother-and-son pair, then check out the official Kayako with Toshio Instagram.

After seeing these amazing pictures we can only hope that the advertising team has something similar planned for The Ring’s Sadako as well. Maybe we can get some pictures of what she does during those seven days she’s waiting around to come after her victims. Sadako watching some TV? Accidentally burning her popcorn? Pursuing a degree in optometry? Some of those have a nice ring to them.

Source: Instagram/kayakowithtoshio
Top image: Instagram/kayakowithtoshio (1, 2) (edited by RocketNews24)